Monday, August 14, 2017

Conflict & Religion Fall 2017 Research Internships in Washington, DC

Conflict and Religion is currently accepting applications for two fall 2017 research internships.

To apply: please send a CV along with a brief not explaining why you are interested in doing this internship to Jennifer Bryson.

Assist Jennifer Bryson, Ph.D., in drafting encyclopedia entries on the following topics for the Islam section of a forthcoming encyclopedia on Religion and Violence:

1000 words each:
1. Al-Qaeda 
2. Assam Riots 2014 
3. Ansar al-Sharia
4. Boston Marathon Bombing, 
5. Charlie Hebdo Attack
6. Clash of Civilization Theory (Samuel Huntington)
7. Hamas
8. Kashmir
9. Maute Group (Islamic State of Lanao)
10. Muslim Brotherhood
11. My Jihad Campaign
12. The Neglected Duty
13. Taliban
14. Wahhabism

2000 words each:
A. "9/11" (World Trade Center, Osama bin Laden)
B. Islamophobia

These are unpaid internships. For students in Washington, DC, there will be the option of attending some in-person events with Dr. Bryson and as well as a semester-long pass to WeWork White House (1440 G St. NW; it's a great work space). For exceptionally high quality, substantive research contributions, credit for research assistance may be included in the published encyclopedia entries.

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