Monday, September 11, 2017

NORAD-USNORTHCOM Academic Alliance Update - Internship Program

NORAD and USNORTHCOM are pleased to announce that we are now accepting student applications for our recently created Volunteer Student Internship Program (N&NC VSIP). Application information as well as eligibility criteria can be found at:   
Questions regarding specific intern duties associated with these available positions should be directed to the N&NC VSIP team at:   NOTE:  Unless otherwise noted, all internship positions are located at NORAD and USNORTHCOM Headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Volunteer Internship Program is an annual program. As such, there are specific deadlines for submitting applications. The application window for internship appointment opens twice a year.   SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM:   Applications are accepted from 01 September - 30 November*, with interns duties beginning the following June (*The application window for our first intern cycle beginning in June 2018 closes  30 November 2018)   WINTER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: Applications are accepted from 01 April - 31 July; intern duties begin the following January   INTERN WORK SCHEDULE: Please be advised that all interns must be available to work a minimum of 9 Weeks, but may continue to participate in the program as long as they continue to meet all eligibility requirements.   ACADEMIC LETTER OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  Each student applicant must complete and submit the attached educational institution acknowledgement letter certifying that participation in our program does not interfere with their academic studies.  This signed document* must accompany each student's application packet. Information regarding application packet contents can be found on our program website. *NOTE:  The link to this document is not yet operational on our webpage. We hope to have this remedied by 11 Sept 2017.   Please do not hesitate to contact the VSIP Admin Team should you have any additional questions regarding the program eligibility criteria or application processes and requirements.  Our VSIP Admin Team can be reached at: .   V/R,   Lauren Schindler, CTR HII/Camber Corporation N&NC/ J722  Joint Training Facilitator Specialist COMM 719.554.6357   DSN 312.692.6357 Building 1470 250 S. Peterson Blvd Peterson AFB, CO 80914-3285 NIPR: SIPR: Internship Program OMB: N&NC VSIP Website:

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